My desire is to create a moment in our illusion of time and space, where the realm of the (usually) unseen becomes assimilated within the material world; metaphors metamorphize into illustrations with personalities, and bursting kaleidoscopes of energy become enchanting, playful forms and creatures.

I am interested in paradox, and blurring the lines between things like the Internal and External, physical substance matter, and the senses – so that things like sight, sound, glitter, human emotion, fabric, paint, time, and inspiration can all lightheartedly intermingle at a party and make small talk in a universal language.

Imagination, childhood euphoria, and beauty, all play a role in the communication of my work; there is something transcendental about all of those elements that I understand as fundamental. In a world that takes itself too seriously on the outside, it is ironic that myths and fairy tales are our teachers of moral conduct, and that the only thing we have to confirm concrete reality with, is the remnants of our own memories.

My intent is to echo this idea of reality only existing by means of our own created hallucinations, through the liminal realms conveyed within my work as literal metaphor, and sensation. I see my place as an artist as someone who weaves color and, inevitably, stories, into the massive web that is everything – aka, the giant snake eating its own tail for eternity.